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keskiviikko 28. marraskuuta 2012


Our date night with Bond- Skyfall got a funny end.

So we were just chilling at home, thinking of how nice it would be to do something together this evening. Of course, I jumped up from the sofa and called our babysitter.."heey, do u think u could be here in one hour?" this finnish girl has been a couple of times here with Luca and she is amazing. We really really like her! The answer was yes from her. PERFECT! We decided to go and see the newest Bond. 

There was this Bollinger champagne bar in the cinema. Everyone was having a glass or two before the movie. U were also allowed to bring your glass inside the theater. Well, we didn't have time for that. It's very typical us to come last minute to every place. Anyways...we got to our seats and it smelled like shit, sweat and alcohol. Nice baby! This was the first movie experience here in Zürich, so we didn't know that there's always a pause in the middle of the movie.
Thank God the pause came, and we almost ran out to get some fresh air..of course with a glass of bollinger. Well I think we were more excited to stand outside and breathe, than keep an eye on the time.  Now it was too late...All the doors were closed, no one in the lobby who could have seen us. I was standing with a glass of champagne in my heels in the middle of the street, where people around me were walking home from their job with a tired face.

We were just laughing with my boo. So we came home  earlier than we thought, but there's nothing better than to curl up under the arm of your hubby, eat candies, popcorns and watch something better
than the newest Bond ;)

cheers & love <3


3 kommenttia:

  1. Miten olette päätyneet Zürichiin asumaan? Mielenkiintoinen blogi!

    1. Muutin tietenkin mieheni mukana. Rakkallani syitä monia miksi juuri tänne, mutta hänen asioista en oikein täällä saa kertoa ;) kiitos kehuista :)

  2. Okei, ymmärrän ;) Zürich on kaunis kaupunki, vietin siellä muutaman kesäviikonlopun melkein 10 vuotta sitten, kylläpä aika rientää!