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sunnuntai 4. marraskuuta 2012

Hot in every way

Today I'm gonna write u in english..

So yesterday we went to this huge shopping mall near Lugano and Como lake.  It takes about 2,5 hours to get there by car and the road is filled with breathtaking views. We had a lot of fun in the car and we listened to some finnish music from Spotify and made phone calls back to our families in Finland. As I told u guys earlier...when I do shopping. I do it smart...i never go crazy...(well, that was a little lie..i do go crazy,but it has to be something extraordinary and that doesn't happen that often).

Luca had something in his stomach the whole time we were there so that made the walking in the crowd a little bit stressful..that's something you just have to get use to.

I really enjoy spending a day in some shops with my MAN. Not because he is the walking wallet...but because he is the best company one can have in a shopping mall. i love to look things for him..he loves all these sport shops..which is not my area at all, but still :) and he has the best taste when it comes to women clothing, handbags,high-heels...he really has the eye for what's hot or not ;) and he is always the last one i ask if i'm considering about buying something. U will always hear the truth from him :)

Yesterday I promised u guys to show some things we wound:

                      U can wear the wallet as a evening bag as well..how smart.

                     This white fur coat I bought month ago on a flea market from this old swiss lady.
                      I really love it...goes with jeans or the little black dress.

This was the view we had yesterday on the way to Foxtown <3

love, didem

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