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maanantai 5. marraskuuta 2012

Lunch @ TAO'S

Today I had a long waited lunch date with a lovely finnish woman who has lived here for 10 years already. She has children as well..two boys... So it's always hard to find time to get together..but finally we found it and we had a great time. I just love to enjoy the food, talking, glass of champagne or wine without any rush. Especially when u have the best company :) She took me to this famous Asian restaurant called Tao's. www.tao-group.ch
The food was excellent! I had Teryaki chicken with grilled vegetables and she had Tuna&salmon sashimi. This place has a lounge bar/nightclub as well, which is well-known here and a nice terrace. There's no question about where I'm going to spend my summer evenings ;)

Later I'm gonna hit the gym. Zumba and sauna, thank you very much :) I train at fitnesspark Stockerhof.

Here's  some pictures of todays outfit and lunch <3 As I told u yesterday..I'm gonna tell u this week about my pregnancy time and then go on with Luca and how it's to be a mum.. I will start this evening or tomorrow. Thank u for your patience!


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