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sunnuntai 11. marraskuuta 2012

Morning Bakery

First of all I've missed my blog and my readers so much. It's funny that I've only had my blog for two weeks, but already feel so connected to this "work/hobby" or maybe "passion" would be a better word to describe the blog. I have to tell u that I'm sorry that I've been so quiet the last few days. Our friends from Finland came over and of course u don't sit at home all the time..so it's been a busy, but a lovely week.

Today we celebrate the Father's day in Finland and that's why I'm awake so early. I decided to bake for my man his favorite chocolate brownies. I love to pamper my man with all kind of things and I'm doing it often :)

Here u have the recipe:

(about 10 pieces)

100g     butter
120g     dark&milk chocolate
2,75dl   sugar
2           lightly beaten eggs
1,5dl     flour
50g       chopped nuts or almonds ( I used almonds)

Oven 180 degrees
30 minutes

Melt the butter and chocolate. Add to the butter/chocolate mixture : sugar, flour, beaten eggs and the nuts. Stir with a spoon. Pour the smooth batter into a greased baking dish. Put in the oven. Serve with vanilla ice cream (and fresh strawberries)

Happy Father's day <3

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