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tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2012

YSL - my all time favorite

Hello fancy tuesday! I just came from the gym. When I hit the gym I usually join the lessons they have.  I like bodytoning and zumba. The problem is that I can easily get very bored while I'm exercising, but the best thing that keeps me in the mood is the good music. My imagination is quite wild, so while I'm sweating and doing the moves, I always have some "scenes" or "music videos" in my head where I'm having the leading role together with my hubby :).

I'm the lucky owner of this YSL bag. SHE is one of my favorites. I got her from my dear man, when he was in Las Vegas on the boys trip :) It's crazy how he has the best taste, when it comes to bags and woman clothing. The smart thing with this model is that you can turn it around,so that the orange is inside and brown color outside.

Today Im wearing this:

2 kommenttia:

  1. Kiitos mielenkiintoisesta blogista! Onko Didem turkkilainen nimi, puhutko turkkia?

    1. kiva että pidät! Didem on turkkilainen nimi. Isä on turkkilainen ja hänen kanssa on aina puhuttu turkkia.